Những câu tiếng anh giao tiếp cho nhân viên bán hàng thường gặp cũng như những từ vựng thông dụng ngành bán hàng thời trang, quần áo. 

Mẫu câu tiếng anh giao tiếp thường dùng dành cho nhân viên thu ngân

Do you have a discount card today? -> Câu này dùng để hỏi khách hàng có mang theo phiếu giảm giá không.

Are you using any coupons today? -> Hỏi về phiếu mua hàng.

I will need to see some ID to sell you a lottery ticket. (for age restricted items), ->Xem chứng minh thư để là đăng ký rút thăm

I’m sorry but your card has been declined. Would you like to use another form of payment? (when a credit or debit card has insufficient funds.) -> thông báo thẻ thanh toán bị từ chối và hỏi khách hàng có loại hình thanh toán nào khác không.

Will there be anything else for you today? -> Hỏi khách hàng có muốn mua gì nữa không

Is this everything today? -> Xác  nhận số lượng hàng đã chọn

And how was everything today? (service industry), ->Hỏi thăm khách hàng

Will that be cash or c-harge? ->Thanh toán bằng tiền mặt hay ghi nợ vào tài khoản

How will you be paying today? -> hỏi về phương thức thanh toán

Your total comes to $16.50. -> Thông báo tổng tiền

F-rom twenty…and here’s $3.50 change. -> Báo lại số tiền khách đã đưa và số tiền còn dư.

Please swipe your card. -> Yêu cầu quét thẻ.

I just need to see some photo ID to verify your check. ->Xem chứng minh thư để xác nhận séc

Would you like your receipt in the bag? -> Hỏi khách hàng có muốn mình cho biên lai vào túi đựng hàng không.

Tiếng anh cho nhân viên bán hàng và từ vựng thông dụng

Đoạn hội thoại mẫu giao tiếp giữa nhân viên thu ngân và khách hàng

Sample Cash transaction

Cashier:                Hello. Is this everything for you today?

Customer:           Yes. Just a few items today.

Cashier:                Did you find everything you were looking for?

Customer:           Yes, thank you.

Cashier:                Okay. Your total comes to $8.70. (say “eight seventy” or “eight dollars and seventy cents”)

Customer:           Can you break a fifty? I’m afraid I don’t have anything smaller.

Cashier:                No problem. F-rom fifty $41.30 is your change. (say “forty-one thirty” or “forty-one dollars and thirty cents”)

Customer:           Thank you.

Cashier:                Thank you. See you again.

enlightened Break a fifty, a hundred…Khách hàng muốn thanh toán bằng tiền chẵn lớn hơn số tiền phải thanh toán rất nhiều.

Sample Credit Card transaction

Cashier:                Here is your order, sir. Two pepperoni pizzas. Will there be anything else?

Customer:           No, that’s great thanks.

Cashier:                Okay. Will that be cash or c-harge today?

Customer:           C-harge.

Cashier:                Okay. Please swipe your card in the machine…Sorry, can you try again please.

Customer:           Is there a problem with my card?

Cashier:                No, it’s going through fine this time. I’ll just need you to sign here, please.

Customer:           There you go.

Cashier:                Thank you Mr. Bates. Enjoy your pizza!

Mẫu câu tiếng anh giao tiếp thông dụng nhất cho nhân viên bán hàng

Did you find everything you were looking for today?

Has it warmed up/cooled down/dried up out there yet?

Are you interested in taking part in our promotion?

I apologize for the wait.

I’m new at this job. Thank you for your patience.

I’m going to have to call to get a price check.

Do you need a hand out with your bags?

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for shopping at…

Please come again.

See you again soon.

Sample Customer Service Encounters: Speaking Practice.

Hãy luyện tập cùng bạn của mình, và nhớ đổi vai cho nhau nhé.

Making a sale (upselling)

Cashier:                I see you’ve chosen some nice blouses f-rom our fall line. Are you aware of our promotion today?

Customer:           No, actually, I’m not.

Cashier:                All men’s and lady’s fall tops are on buy one get one free.

Customer:           Oh, that’s great.

Cashier:                Would you like to look around some more? There are some great men’s dress shirts at the back of the store.

Customer:           No thank you. I can’t shop for my husband. He never likes what I pick out for him.

Cashier:                (laughs) So, just these two blouses today then?

Customer:           Yes, that’s all for today.

Handling a complaint / Khi khách hàng khiếu nại

Cashier:                How was your meal today?

Customer:           Well, the food was good as it always is. We were a bit disappointed in the service tonight, though.

Cashier:                Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like to fill out a comment card? Or I could get a manager for you.

Customer:           That’s okay. We know it’s your peak time. We usually try to come a little earlier before the rush.

Cashier:                Well, I’d like to make it up to you. I’m going to give you a discount today. I’ll take your drinks and dessert off the bill.

Customer:           Oh, that would be nice. Thank you.

Cashier:                No, thank you. Your satisfaction is important to us. Here’s a coupon for your next visit. Please come again.

Customer:           Thank you. We will.

Từ vựng tiếng anh thông dụng cho nhân viên bán hàng thời trang, quần áo

Word / Từ Meaning/Ý nghĩa
action code a number cashiers type on the register to tell the computer to do something (#2A=void item)
Ý nghĩa: Mã thực hiện
Adjustment a change (usually related to price change)
Ý nghĩa: Thay đổi giá
age restricted items products such as alcohol, tobacco, and restricted movies and videos which cannot be purchased by minors
Ý nghĩa: Mặc hàng có giới hạn độ tuổi
Aisles long narrow areas that a room is divided into
Ý nghĩa: Lối đi
Associate another employee who works with you
Ý nghĩa: Cộng tác viên
bag verb to place purchased items in a bag for the customer
Ý nghĩa: Túi
bank card a card that allows customers to purchase an item using money f-rom their bank account (also called debit card)
Ý nghĩa: Thẻ ngân hàng
bar code a series of lines that a computer reads to determine the product and price
Ý nghĩa: Mã vạch
Bill the total amount owed by the customer (also called receipt)
Ý nghĩa: Hóa đơn
Break a short time for an employee to take a rest f-rom work
Ý nghĩa: Nghỉ giải lao
Bulk items that are purchased in large amounts (also refers to items whe-re customer collects the amount desired f-rom a large bin)
Ý nghĩa: Hàng mua với số lượng lớn,
Cash paper or coin money that the customer gives for payment
Ý nghĩa: Tiền mặt
cash advance money given to an employee or customer that he will have to pay back later
Ý nghĩa: Tiền tạm ứng
cash register system used to key in purchases; also makes mathematical calculations and records payments
Ý nghĩa: Phần mềm bán hàng
Change the money you give back to a customer
Ý nghĩa: Tiền thối lại
c-harge verb to request a certain payment (They c-harge fifty dollars an hour.)
Ý nghĩa: ra giá
c-harge verb and noun to pay (payment) with a credit card
Ý nghĩa: Thanh toán bằng thẻ ghi nợ
Checkout the place whe-re customers go to pay for purchases
Ý nghĩa: Quầy thanh toán
Clerk person who serves customers; usually stands behind a desk
Ý nghĩa: Nhân viên phục vụ
Coins small amounts of money; circular shape (also called change)
Ý nghĩa: Tiền kên
company procedures the rules and practices outlined by the employer for the employees
Ý nghĩa: Quy trình nội quy
Competition other businesses that offer similar products or services
Ý nghĩa: Đối thủ cạnh tranh
Counterfeit money that looks real but is actually fake
Ý nghĩa: Tiền giả
Coupon a piece of paper that offers a set discount on a product or service
Ý nghĩa: Phiếu mua giảm giá
Consumer the person who buys and uses the products and services
Ý nghĩa: Khách hàng
Currency type of money used in each country (eg. dollar, yen)
Ý nghĩa: Tiền tệ
customer service fulfilling the needs of the people who buy products or services
Ý nghĩa: Dịch vụ khách hàng
damaged; defective does not work or does not look new
Ý nghĩa: Hàng lỗi, hỏng
Deactivate remove security device
Ý nghĩa: Không kích hoạt
Debit to take money out (also refers to paying with a bank card)
Ý nghĩa: Ghi có
denomination related to type of currency (eg. ones, tens, fifties )
Ý nghĩa: Mệnh Gíá
department store a store that sells a wide variety of personal and household needs, such as groceries, furniture and clothing
Ý nghĩa: Cửa hàng bách hóa
Discount a price reduction
Ý nghĩa: Chiếc khấu
Estimate guess the right amount
Ý nghĩa: Ước tính
Float the amount of money in a cash register or till before and after a person’s shift
Ý nghĩa: Số Tiến trong máy bán hàng trước và sau bàn giao ca
Feed to in-sert the end of a roll of paper into a slot
Ý nghĩa: Lắp giấy in
gift certificate; gift card a pre-paid card that a customer uses to pay for purchases
Ý nghĩa: Phiếu quà tặng
gift receipt a receipt that documents a purchase but does not include the price of the product
Ý nghĩa: Biên lai nhận quà
Identification photograph and official document that proves who a person is
Ý nghĩa: Chứng minh thư
Initials first letter of a person’s first and last name
Ý nghĩa: Chữ cái đầu tiên của tên
Inquiry a question
Ý nghĩa: Câu hỏi / yêu cầu
key in to type a code into a cash register
Ý nghĩa: Nhập mã hàng
(put on) layaway to put a product away for a customer who will come back to purchase it at a later time
Ý nghĩa: Cất lại hàng
Log a record of sales information
Ý nghĩa: Thông tin giao dịch được lưu lại
Manual instruction booklet
Ý nghĩa: Sách hướng dẫn
Merchandise things that customers buy
Ý nghĩa: Hàng hóa
multiple item a product that a customer is buying more than one of (eg. five balls)
Ý nghĩa:
multitask do many things at once
Ý nghĩa : Chạy đa nhiệm
NOF an error code that means a product price is not on file
Ý nghĩa : Lỗi do giá không tồn tại
on sale costs less than usual
Ý nghĩa : Giảm giá
Orientation a time for learning about the company and job
Ý nghĩa: Thời gian học việc
peak time the busy time of the day
Ý nghĩa: Giờ cao điểm
Perk a little bonus that employees enjoy on top of their wage or salary (eg.restaurant employees get free lunch)
Ý nghĩa: Tiền trợ cấp
personal check a written document that allows a business to retrieve funds f-rom a customer’s bank account
Ý nghĩa: Ngân phiếu cá nhân
price override change the automated price of a product or service
Ý nghĩa: Thay đổi giá
POS system Point of Sale system (cash register)
Ý nghĩa: Máy bán hàng
price tag the sticker or ticket that tells customers what a product costs
Ý nghĩa: Thẻ ghi giá
Produce (n) fresh fruit and vegetables
Ý nghĩa: Hàng nông sản tươi
Promotion a special discount or offer
Ý nghĩa: Khuyển mại
prompt service to help customers quickly
Ý nghĩa: Dịch vụ hỏa tốc
punch in/out record the start and end time of your shift using a time clock system
Ý nghĩa: Máy chấm công
rain check a ticket given to a customer that allows them to receive an out-of-stock item or attend a cancelled event at a later date
Ý nghĩa: Phiếu hẹn
Receipt a piece of paper that records the place, time, and price of items or services purchased
Ý nghĩa: Biên lai
reduce(d) price is less than usual
Ý nghĩa: Giảm giá
Refund get money back
Ý nghĩa: Hoàn tiền
register area the place whe-re a cashier stands and serves the customer
Ý nghĩa: Khu vực thanh toán
register tape the paper that goes into the cash register and provides a printed record of all transactions
Ý nghĩa: Giấy in hóa đơn
Retailer a store or business that sells products for the manufacturer
Ý nghĩa: Cửa hàn bán lẻ
ring in type the product code or service item into the POS
Ý nghĩa: Nhập mã sản phẩm vào máy
Safe a secure cabinet whe-re a large amount of money is locked up; requires a code or key to open
Ý nghĩa: Két sắt
Sale a price reduction
Ý nghĩa: Giảm giá
Scan pass a product over a laser (scanner reads the bar code and transfers the data (price, product name) to the POS system)
Ý nghĩa: Quét mã vạch
Schedule a table that identifies the weekly or monthly shifts for each employee
Ý nghĩa: Bản kế hoạch làm việc
security device a device attached to products that will set off an alarm if it is not removed by the cashier
Ý nghĩa: Dụng cụ an ninh
serial number a number system used to identify products and services
Ý nghĩa: Số seri
Shelves long rows of flat wood or metal used to hold products that are for sale in a store
Ý nghĩa: Kệ hàng
shift report a record of notes that must be handed in by a cashier at the end of a work shift
Ý nghĩa: Bản báo cáo ca làm việc
sign in/sign off indicate that one is starting or finishing
Supplies things that are needed to do a job (eg. calculator, pens, paper)
Ý nghĩa: Dụng cụ làm việc
Supplier the company or business that provides a retailer or wholesaler with products to sell
Ý nghĩa: Nhà cung cấp
Swipe (Verb) slide quickly across (eg. Swipe your credit card through the card reader, please.)
Ý nghĩa: Quét thẻ thanh toán
Tally add up
Ý nghĩa: Kiểm đếm
tax exempt a special case in which the customer does not have to pay taxes
Ý nghĩa: Miễn thuế
Tender Money
Ý nghĩa: Tiền
Terminal a single computer or POS system
Ý nghĩa: Quầy thanh toán
Till the drawer that holds money in a cash register
Ý nghĩa: Ngăn kéo đựng tiền
Transaction the sale and purchase of a product or service
Ý nghĩa: Giao dịch
UPC Universal Product Code: a number the identifies the product and the retailer
Ý nghĩa: Mã vạch sản phẩm quốc tế
Void cancel a transaction
Ý nghĩa: Hủy giao dịch
Wholesale the sale of a large quantity of goods to a retail outlet
Ý nghĩa: Bán sỉ
Workstation the area whe-re a cashier works
Ý nghĩa: Quầy làm việc

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